Sanming College publicly recruits 22 staff members in 2018 (professional shortage)

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2017 137 号)、《三明市人民政府关于支持高等教育加快发展的实施意见》(明政文〔 2012 244 号)、《三明市事业单位公开招聘工作人员暂行办法》 ( 明人发〔 2012 33 ) 、《三明学院事业编制人员公开招聘暂行规定》(明院办发〔 2011 24 号)、《中共三明市委办公室三明市人民政府办公室关于印发 < 三明市“海纳百川”高端人才聚集计划( 2015-2019 年) > 6 个人才政策文件的通知》(明委办发〔 2014 26 号)、《三明市人力资源和社会保障局关于核准 2018 年市属事业单位紧缺急需专业工作人员招聘计划的通知》(明人社〔 2018 14 号)、《福建省 2017-2018 年度紧缺急需人才引进指导目录》(闽人社文〔 2017 49 号)等文件精神, 2018 年三明学院拟面向 According to the "Notice of the General Office of the Fujian Provincial People's Government on Ten Measures to Strengthen the Construction of Professional and Technical Talents in Mountainous Areas " (Minzheng Office [ 2017 ] No. 137 ), the "Implementation Opinions of the People's Government of Sanming City on Supporting the Accelerated Development of Higher Education" (Ming Zhengwen [ 2012 ] No. 244 ), "Interim Measures for the Public Recruitment of Staff in Sanming Institutions" ( Ming Renfa [ 2012 ] No. 33 ) , " Interim Provisions for the Public Recruitment of Staffing Staff in Sanming College" (Mingyuan Office issued [ 2011 ] 24) No.), "Notice of the Sanming Municipal People's Government Office of the Communist Party of China on Printing and Distributing the Policy Documents of Six Talents Containing" Sanming City "Haina Baichuan" High-end Talent Gathering Plan ( 2015-2019 ) > "(The Mingming Commission issued [ 2014 ] 26 No.), "Notice of Sanming Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on Approving the Recruitment Plan for Urgent Professional Staff in Urgent Needs of Municipal Institutions in 2018 " (Mingrenshe [ 2018 ] No. 14 ), "Fujian Province Urgent Needs in 2017-2018 talents guidance Catalog "(Min human, social and cultural [2017] No. 49) and other documents the spirit of Sanming College proposed for 2018 22 名紧缺急需专业工作人员。 It will open recruitment of 22 professional staff shortage in urgent need. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Recruiting positions and numbers

19 个岗位,招聘工作人员 22 人,招聘对象为全日制普通院校应往届毕业生。 There are a total of 19 positions and 22 staff members will be recruited this year. The target candidates will be the graduates of previous full-time colleges. 2018 年三明学院公开招聘工作人员岗位信息表(紧缺急需专业)》(若有调整以通知为准)。 For details of recruitment positions, recruitment numbers, and qualifications, please refer to the " 2018 Sanming College Public Recruitment Staff Position Information Form (Professionals in Urgent Need of Majors)" (if there is any adjustment, the notice shall prevail).

Application conditions and requirements

(I) Application conditions

具有中华人民共和国国籍; 1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China;

遵守中华人民共和国宪法、法律、法规; 2. Comply with the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China;

遵守纪律、品行端正,具备良好的职业道德; 3. Observe discipline, conduct good, and have good professional ethics;

应具备岗位所需的学历、专业、教师资格及岗位要求的其他条件; 4. Should have the required academic qualifications, majors, teacher qualifications and other conditions required by the post;

适应招聘岗位所要求的身体条件; 5. Adapt to the physical conditions required for recruitment positions;

年龄条件:根据《福建省人民政府办公厅关于加强山区专业技术人才队伍建设十条措施的通知》(闽政办〔 2017 137 号)精神,硕士研究生年龄要求 18 周岁及以上、 40 周岁及以下( 1977 7 4 日至 2000 7 4 日期间出生);博士研究生年龄要求 18 周岁及以上、 45 周岁及以下( 1972 7 4 日至 2000 7 4 日期间出生)。 6. Age requirements: In accordance with the spirit of the "Notice of the General Office of the Fujian Provincial People's Government on Ten Measures to Strengthen the Construction of Professional and Technical Talents in Mountainous Areas" (Minzheng Office [ 2017 ] No. 137 ), the age requirements for graduate students are 18 years old and above, 40 years old and The following ( born between July 4 , 1977 and July 4 , 2000 ); the age of doctoral students must be 18 years old and above, 45 years old and below ( born between July 4 , 1972 and July 4 , 2000 ). If there are other requirements for age conditions, the age required in the specific recruitment position shall prevail.

以下人员不得报考:曾因犯罪受过刑事处罚或曾被开除公职的人员或被党政机关、事业单位辞退后未满 5 年的人员,在近三年内被认定有考试舞弊等严重违反录聘用纪律行为的人员,现役军人,在读的非应届毕业生,以及有法律规定不得录聘用的其他情形的人员。 7. The following persons are not allowed to apply for the examination: those who have been penalized for crimes or have been expelled from public office or those who have been dismissed by party and government agencies and institutions for less than 5 years have been found to have committed serious violations such as examination fraud within the past three years Employment of disciplinary personnel, active duty military personnel, non-graduate graduates, and personnel in other circumstances where employment by law is prohibited. In addition, applicants may not apply for recruitment positions that should be avoided if they are hired.

(II) Specific requirements

岗位要求的“全日制普通高校学历”,是指考生通过参加国家统一招生考试,录取于经教育部批准的具有普通高等教育招生资格且执行国家普通高等教育统一招生计划的高等院校,并按教学计划完成学业后所取得的国家承认的学历。 1. The "full-time general college education" required by the post refers to candidates who have passed the National Unified Admissions Examination and have been admitted to a higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education with qualifications for general higher education admission and implementing the National General Higher Education Admissions Plan. And the nationally recognized qualifications obtained after completing the education according to the teaching plan. 2018 年度毕业并取得相应学历、学位的毕业生。 The “graduates” mentioned in this notice refer to those who graduated in 2018 and obtained the corresponding education and degrees.

Returned overseas students, Hong Kong or Macao students, must provide the "Certificate of Foreign Educational Degree" issued by the Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education, "Certificate of Educational Degree of Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region" or the "Study Abroad" issued by the personnel administration department of Fujian Province "Returning Personnel Identification Verification Form" and "Hong Kong and Macau Region Student Identification Verification Form".

Candidates who have obtained domestic qualifications and degrees through the joint operation of domestic institutions and foreign institutions shall issue relevant certificates from domestic institutions; those who have obtained foreign academic degrees shall provide the "Evaluation of Joint Education Degrees" issued by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education Book "or" Joint Educational Degree Certificate ".

专业条件设置为“××类”的岗位,所学专业符合《福建省机关事业单位招考专业指导目录( 2018 年)》或《专业学位授予和人才培养目录》中“××类”所列专业的报考者方可报考;将专业条件设置为具体专业名称的岗位,报考者所学专业与所列专业一致者方可报考;取得双学历(位)的报考人员可以选择符合招聘岗位专业条件的任一学历(位)报考(有学位要求的,其学历、学位均须与招聘岗位要求的专业条件对应 ) 2. Posts with professional conditions set to “××”, and the majors studied meet the “××” position in the “Professional Guidance Catalogue for Admission and Examination of Fujian Institutions and Institutions ( 2018 )” or “Professional Degree Awards and Talent Training Catalogues”. Applicants with listed majors can only apply for the exam; set the professional conditions to positions with specific professional names, and applicants with the majors that are consistent with the listed professions can apply for the exam; candidates with dual qualifications can choose the majors that meet the recruitment position Eligible for any academic qualifications (where there is a degree requirement, the academic qualifications and degrees must correspond to the professional conditions required for the job position ) . Candidates' professional confirmation is based on the professional name signed by the graduation certificate.

报考者的学历应在中国高等教育学生信息网(简称学信网, http://www.chsi.com.cn/ )上可查询认证;有学位要求的,应在中国学位与研究生教育信息网(简称学位网, http://www.cdgdc.edu.cn/ )上可查询认证。 3. The applicant's academic qualifications can be checked and certified on the China Higher Education Student Information Network (referred to as Xuexin.com, http://www.chsi.com.cn/ ); if there is a degree requirement, the degree and graduate education in China should be Information certification (referred to as the degree network, http://www.cdgdc.edu.cn/ ) can be found on the certification website . 2009 9 号),经修读达到毕业条件并获得“双学位”、“双专业”证书的报考者,其“双学位”、“双专业”所对应的学历学位,应在福建省教育厅门户网站( http //www.fjedu.gov.cn/ )上“便捷查询”栏目的“双学位双专业”可查询认证。 According to the "Opinions on Trial Implementation of" Double Degrees "and" Dual Majors "Education among College Graduates in the Province" (Min Jiao Gao [ 2009 ] No. 9 ), they have achieved graduation requirements and obtained "Dual Degrees", "Dual Majors" Applicants for the "Certificate", their "double degree" and "dual major" corresponding academic degrees, should be on the portal website of the Education Department of Fujian Province ( http://www.fjedu.gov.cn/ ) in the "Convenient Search" column "Dual Degrees and Dual Majors" is available for certification. Qualification certification materials should be submitted to the school for review during qualification review before the interview.

报考者的学历(学位)、资格条件或相关资历要求的计算,截止时间为 2018 7 4 日,通过考试但未取得证书的,须在面试前资格复核时,提供由相关部门出具的成绩单及是否通过考试的结论。 4. The calculation of the applicant's academic qualifications (degrees), qualifications or related qualification requirements, the deadline is July 4 , 2018. Those who pass the exam but have not obtained a certificate must provide a certificate issued by the relevant department before the qualification review before the interview. Transcripts and conclusions of passing the exam. 年全日制普通高校应届毕业生学历、学位证书取得的时间可延至 In 2018 , the time for fresh graduates and degree certificates of full-time ordinary colleges and universities can be extended to 9 30 September 30 , 2018 ; Those who have not obtained a degree, degree certificate or do not meet the relevant qualifications shall be disqualified from employment.

招聘办法与程序 Recruitment methods and procedures

This open recruitment adheres to the employment standards of both virtue and talent, and selects merit, and implements the principle of "openness, equality, competition, and merit."

(I) Release Notice

The announcements of the positions, number of people, qualifications for recruitment, recruitment methods and procedures and other related information are announced to the society on the website of Sanming College.

(2) Registration and preliminary qualification examination

报名时间: 2018 7 4 --7 18 日。 1. Registration time: July 4th -July 18th , 2018 .

报名方式 2. Registration method

1 )现场报名:携报名材料至三明学院人事处人事科 ( 综合楼 519 办公室 ); ( 1 ) On-site registration: bring the application materials to the Personnel Section of the Personnel Department of Sanming College ( Office 519, Comprehensive Building );

2 )网络报名:请将报名材料的电子版和扫描件投递至 smxyzp@163.com ( 2 ) Online registration: Please submit the electronic version and scanned copy of the registration materials to smxyzp@163.com .

报名材料:提供填写好的《三明学院公开招聘工作人员报名登记表》、本人身份证、毕业证书、学位证书、专业技术职务任职资格证书等证书原件和复印件,未毕业应届生需要提供就业推荐表,留学回国人员在报名时需提供国外学历认证。 3. Application materials: Provide the original and photocopy of the completed "Registration and Registration Form for Public Recruitment of Sanming College", my ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, and qualification certificate for professional and technical positions. Fresh graduates need to provide Employment recommendation form, overseas returnees need to provide foreign diploma certification when registering.

根据岗位招聘条件,由学校人事处对报考者进行资格初审。 4. According to the job recruitment conditions, the school personnel office conducts a preliminary qualification examination of candidates. Candidates should apply in strict accordance with the qualification requirements for recruitment positions, and be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information and materials submitted during registration. Anyone who fills in distorted information or provides false materials will be disqualified from the examination or employment after verification. Qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process. If at any stage it is found that applicants do not meet the post requirements, their recruitment qualifications will be cancelled.

通过初审的名单会公告在学校人事处网站上。 5. The list of people who passed the preliminary examination will be announced on the school personnel office website. 0598 8397457 (刘老师)。 Telephone: 0598-8397457 (Ms. Liu).

(3) Qualification review

由学校人事处对报考者进行资格复核。 1. The school personnel office will review the qualifications of candidates. Candidates who apply for on-site registration will need to provide their original identity cards, graduation certificates, degree certificates, qualification certificates for professional and technical positions, and other relevant certification materials during the registration process, and other relevant certification materials; fresh graduates need to provide employment recommendations Forms; returnees who study abroad need to provide foreign diploma certification when they register; in-service personnel need to provide a unit to agree to apply for a test; political appearance requires CCP members to apply for the post applicants also need to provide CCP member certification materials.

网络报名的报考者在面试之日前一天上午下班前,携带相关材料(参照现场报名)到三明学院人事处人事科进行资格复核。 2. Candidates who apply for online registration will bring the relevant materials (refer to the on-site registration) to the Personnel Division of the Personnel Department of Sanming College for qualification review before leaving work the morning before the interview day.

资格复核合格的,准予面试。 3. Interviews will be granted to those who have passed the qualification review.

考生须带一寸正面免冠彩色近照 4 张(用于粘贴《三明学院公开招聘工作人员报名登记表》)。 4. Candidates are required to bring 4 one-inch, front-faced, colorless recent photos (for pasting the "Registration Registration Form for Public Recruitment of Sanming College").

(IV) Examination methods

根据拟聘岗位需要,本次考试采取结构化面试或专业能力测试等方式进行。 1. According to the needs of the position to be hired, the examination is conducted by means of structured interviews or professional ability tests. The content of the test is mainly the professional knowledge, business ability and work skills necessary for recruitment positions.

考试由学校人事处会同校内相关单位组织实施。 2. The examination is organized and implemented by the School Personnel Department in conjunction with the relevant units in the school. The test time, place, content, and scores are all posted on the website of the Personnel Office of Sanming College, which is subject to the examination plan for each post published on the website of the School Personnel Office.

各招聘岗位考试方案中要明确招聘岗位及人数,招聘专业及要求,面试时间、地点、内容、报名情况和其他应让考生知晓的相关事宜。 3. In each recruitment position examination plan, the positions and number of recruitment, the majors and requirements for recruitment, the interview time, place, content, registration and other related matters that should be made known to candidates.

研究生学历免公共笔试,报考者直接入闱面试,面试成绩均实行 100 分制。 4. Postgraduate qualifications are exempt from public written examinations. Candidates directly enter the interview, and the interview results are implemented on a 100- point scale.

面试合格线为 60 分。 5. The interview pass line is 60 points. 别岗位进入面试考生出现 1:1 比例的,需经三明市人力资源与社会保障局审核同意后方可进行面试,面试成绩必须达到 70 分以上,方可进入体检和考核。 If there is a 1: 1 ratio of candidates entering interviews in individual positions , the interview can only be conducted after the approval of Sanming Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The interview score must be 70 or more before entering the physical examination and assessment.

考试总成绩计算:面试成绩即为总成绩。 6. Calculation of total test score: The interview score is the total score.

同分判定:若 2 个以上报考者的总成绩相同时,则加试一场面试,报考者名次按加试的面试成绩排列。 7. Same points: If the total scores of two or more candidates are the same, an additional interview will be conducted, and the candidates will be ranked according to the additional interview results.

(V) Physical examination

体检对象的确定。 1. Determination of medical examination objects. 1:1 的比例,按总成绩从高到低的顺序依次确定。 According to the 1: 1 ratio of the number of recruits to the number of physical examinations , the total score will be determined in order from high to low.

在职在编人员在资格复核时未能提交单位同意报考证明的,最迟应于体检前提交所在单位同意报考的证明、同意辞职的证明或解除聘用(劳动)合同的证明。 2. In the case of incumbent staff members who fail to submit the unit's consent to apply for the examination during the qualification review, they should submit the unit's consent to apply for the examination, the consent to resign, or the termination of employment (labor) contract before the medical examination. If the medical examination fails to be submitted before the medical examination, the medical examination qualification shall be cancelled.

体检标准:参照公务员录用体检通用标准并严格按照国家相关规定执行。 3. Medical examination standards: Refer to the general standards for medical examinations for civil servants and strictly follow the relevant national regulations. The medical examination fee shall be paid by the examiner himself. Those who are absent or unqualified will be disqualified from employment. Job vacancies caused by unqualified medical examinations or abstentions, etc., can be made up in equal order from other applicants who meet the requirements of the position in order from high to low.

报考者或招聘单位对体检结果有疑问的,可在得知体检结论的 7 天内提出复检,复检只能进行一次,以复检结果为准;凡在体检中弄虚作假或者隐瞒真实情况的报考者,不予聘用或取消聘用。 4. Candidates or recruiting units who have questions about the results of the medical examination may submit a re-examination within 7 days of the conclusion of the medical examination. The re-examination can only be performed once, and the results of the re-examination shall prevail. Candidates will not be hired or cancelled.

体检的组织。 5. Organization of the medical examination. The physical examination is organized and implemented by the school. Specific matters will be notified separately by the school.

(Six) assessment

考核主要核实报考者是否符合规定的报考条件,确认其报名时提交的信息和材料是否真实、准确。 1. The assessment mainly verifies whether the applicants meet the prescribed application requirements, and confirms that the information and materials submitted during registration are true and accurate.

由校人事处对报考者进行考核。 2. The school personnel office evaluates candidates. Assessments are conducted by means of interviews, consulting archives, verification of qualifications and other qualifications, and surveys. The main assessments are political ideology, moral quality, compliance with laws and regulations, integrity and self-discipline, professional ability, work performance, school performance, Whether it is necessary to evade the situation, graduates of previous years also need to provide the "co-review form".

报考者应将个人档案于 2018 7 底前寄到三明学院人事处档案室黄老师处,未及时寄到或档案材料不全的,推迟办理或暂停办理聘用手续,由此造成的后果由其本人自行承担。 3. Candidates should send their personal files to Teacher Huang of the Personnel Office of Sanming College by the end of July 2018. If they are not sent in time or the file materials are incomplete, the application procedures will be postponed or suspended. He himself bears it.

报考者未配合学校在规定时间内完成考核且无特殊原因的,视为自动放弃考核及聘用资格。 4. If the applicant fails to cooperate with the school to complete the assessment within the specified time without special reasons, it is deemed to have automatically abandoned the assessment and employment qualifications. Cannot be hired if the assessment does not meet the requirements. Those who have forfeited the assessment or failed the assessment, resulting in vacancies in the recruitment, can be filled in the order of other applicants who meet the qualifications in this position, in order from the high score to the low score among the other applicants who are qualified on the overall score.

(7) Publicity and Employment

7 天的公示。 After passing the examinations, physical examinations, and assessments, the list of personnel to be hired will be announced on the website of Sanming College and the website of Sanming Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau for 7 days. After the publicity period expires, the personnel to be hired without any objection shall be submitted to the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security for approval before going through the employment procedures. The starting time for the benefits of the planned employees such as salary, provident fund and social security shall be based on the time of issuance of the employment documents of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

Fourth, the service period

5 年,详见《三明学院教师服务期限及违约责任暂行规定》,正式入编前须签订《入编协议书》。 The minimum service life (including the probation period) of the newly recruited staff in the school must be 5 years. For details, please refer to the "Interim Provisions on the Service Term of Teachers of Sanming College and the Liability for Breach of Contracts."

Five, other

(1) Candidates shall provide true and effective materials, and shall not falsify or engage in malpractice for personal gain. Once the offenders are verified, they shall be disqualified from employment and shall bear their own responsibility.

(2) Strictly implement the avoidance policy. Those who are engaged in recruitment work have a marital relationship, direct kinship relationship, kinship relationship within close to three generations, or close marriage relationship with the applicant, and they must perform official avoidance.

0598-8399682 (3) The discipline inspection and supervision department of Sanming College supervises the recruitment process. The discipline inspection, supervision and audit office of Sanming College telephone: 0598-8399682


1. 2018 Sanming City Institutions Public Recruitment Staff Post Information Form (Professional Shortage) .doc

2. List of high-level talent introduction policies of Sanming College.doc

3. Sanming College Public Recruitment Staff Registration Form.doc

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