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Leather carving

Children are learning leather carving techniques.

Stores cooperating with Bingshenpidiao

Bingshen's “Pretty Beauty Project” tried out leather carving training for left-behind women in early February 2019 and achieved good results.

Leather carving is a flat work with different levels of bumps and engravings on the leather by using a carving knife and printing tools. The art of leather carving originated in Europe, and later spread to America, Japan, and then Japan to Taiwan, China. In recent years, it began to flourish in mainland China.

Out of love for the art of leather carving, college student maker Lien Huiyan founded "Bingshen Leather Sculpture". While working steadily to develop leather carving products, he discovered that leather carving meets the hearing impaired. Therefore, on the one hand, he worked hard to start a business and grow the company; on the other hand, he cooperated with special education schools, disabled federations and other institutions to teach leather carving crafts to the hearing impaired, and started to provide training for hearing impaired groups and more difficult groups, The “Sweet Spot Plan” for job opportunities.

With a spirit of public interest and entrepreneurship, in 2019, the Bingshen Intelligent Environmental Protection Leather Carving and Leather Goods Project won the gold medal of the Fifth Fujian Province "Internet +" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the fifth China "Internet +" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Bronze Award. .

Starting a business

From hobby to career

Luo Fentao, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Art and Design of Sanming College, is the project instructor of Bingshen Leather Carving. In his eyes, Lian Huiyan, the founder of the project, was an "uneasy" student, because he always wanted to learn something other than professional courses, and he wanted to make a difference.

In college, Lian Huiyan, a footwear design major, became fascinated with the art of leather carving. "A piece of leather turned into a bag in his own hands, and the beautiful three-dimensional tang grass relief was unfolded under the knife ... When you touch the whole process of production, you will definitely feel its charm." He said, he immediately began to be fascinated. Up to action.

Learning leather carving is expensive, he started crowdfunding in the circle of friends to make handmade leather bags. With the support of teachers and classmates, he quickly received more than 4,000 yuan in funding, and produced the first batch of leather goods that seem "not perfect" today.

With the tuition raised, he went to Jiaxing, Zhejiang, where he learned leather carving skills from masters in the circle. In November 2016, he participated in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and won an excellent award. Encouraged by the judges, in 2017, with the start-up capital of 1500 yuan and a love of leather carving art, he plunged into the leather carving leather industry. With the support of the school, Lian Huiyan opened Bingshen Studio on the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Street" of Sanming College.

"The founding team consisted of 5 students. Due to the time-consuming and labor-intensive production process, 3 of them chose to leave." But with love, Lian Huiyan was unwilling to give up. In addition to his passion, he also has an understanding and confidence in the cause: According to data from surveyed companies, the leather carving industry has just started in the country but has grown rapidly. From 2015 to 2018, the market size has grown by an average of 28.2% per year and the export volume has grown by 41.3% per year. . In the same circle, he also felt that people who like leather carving have a high degree of recognition and a strong willingness to close.

"A small enough crowd is more popular", Lian Huiyan believes that adherence to high-quality pure hand-made craftsmanship can be recognized by more people. Therefore, the Bingshen leather carving team deeply cultivated the circle and improved each other's skills. They have improved their dyeing technology and engraving technology, owning two exclusive technologies such as millimeter-level 3D rotary embossing leather carving technology and crystal dyeing and grading point dyeing technology, and obtained 12 patents. At the same time, the team went to various parts of the country to participate in exhibitions, exchanges, analyze the market, build channels, and find funds. Their efforts have gained many domestic and foreign customers.

At the Shenzhen Leather Carving Expo, they met important partners. Bingshen leather carving provides technology and design, and partners provide manpower and production. They have innovated the concept of "pipelined manual production" and split the 127 steps of handmade leather carving into raw leather processing, carving, dyeing, hardware installation, Finished product modification and other different modules, each module is completed by different people, reducing the difficulty of single-person operation, thereby greatly improving the fault tolerance rate and package efficiency, and the company's labor costs have also been greatly reduced.

Today, they have developed 7 series of 146 products, including mobile phone cases, storage boxes, car interiors, handbags, etc., covering retail, wholesale, personal customization and old bag transformation. Under the asset-light operation, the annual turnover of Bingshen Pidiao reached over 3 million yuan.

Lian Huiyan found that the craftsmen of the cooperative manufacturers were mostly local left-behind women, who had gained skills and stable economic sources in the study and production of leather carvings, which became the starting point of Bingshen leather carvings on the road to public welfare.

Public interest

Working with special schools to connect hearing-impaired people

In the "Happy Heart Craft Workshop" of the Sanming Special Education School (hereinafter referred to as the "Sanming Special School"), the display shelves are filled with student leather goods. It is mainly made of plain leather, and there are also cards, wallets, handbags, glasses cases, belts ...

Senior high school student Tang Chuwen said in sign language: "At first I found it difficult to make skins, and now I like this craft. I learned to make several card bags and give them to the language teacher and aunt. This is different from what I bought "Wu Xinru, a junior third student, said that she wants to continue to learn leather carving, to participate in the competition, and to engage in the leather goods and leather carving industry if she has a chance in the future.

"Both of them are excellent students, they learn very quickly, and their craftsmanship is also very sophisticated." Li Qin, principal of Sanming Special Education School, said, "When the person in charge of Bingshen Leather Sculpture contacted me, we hit it off. .At present, there are more than 10 hearing-impaired children in the school learning leather making and carving crafts. They have not only exercised their practical skills, they have also learned a skill to make a career choice for the future. "

"While striving for the cause you love, it can provide a force for social welfare, as a entrepreneur, I have a great sense of gain." Lian Huiyan said that the leather carving team has devoted great efforts in teaching, in addition to regular marketing, finance and administrative staff In addition, the rest of the team members are all involved in the front line of leather carving teaching in special schools. The teaching plan is carefully polished, and the teaching exercises are repeatedly considered. They have developed 36 lessons for hearing impaired students, and they are taught every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon.

Because there is no gesture about leather carving in sign language, the team members were worried about communication problems. Fortunately, they did not need too much sign language. The demonstration was the best teacher for the hearing impaired. Because they can't hear, they are more focused. Hearing impaired students learn faster and do better than ordinary people. With the simple assistance of a sign language teacher, they can quickly communicate and teach with their children. "They are very attentive and attentive, and many students already have a hand-made foundation. The craftsmanship is fine, and the simple processes of cutting-punching-drawing lines-fixing-sewing are quickly started, less than 3 months. You can make your own small leather goods. "

Lian Huiyan said: "The incidence of deaf-mute people is high. The" China Yearbook of Disabled Persons' Yearbook 2018 "shows that there are 170,000 deaf-mute patients in China every year. Employment and social presence are the problems they face. We think Will the system training be promoted more widely to train professional leather carving technicians for the industry and drive employment of more difficult groups?

"Dian Liang" silent

Exploring the support mode for difficult groups

The "Bingshen Dianliang Project" was born, which means to illuminate the silent world with art, and to promote the teaching of leather carving throughout the country. The plan includes working with special education schools to explore leather carving training courses-docking industry resources-a series of processes to provide jobs.

“The deaf-mute people ’s senses are occluded, but the sense of touch is focused and delicate, and this is the advantage of making leather carvings.” Lian Huiyan introduced that, in view of the characteristics of the deaf-mute people, the entrepreneurial team cooperated with special schools and Sanming College to design teaching solutions. On the one hand, the sign language teachers who cooperate with special schools can quickly understand and effectively teach; on the other hand, the teaching plan covers modules such as basic knowledge, art, sculpture, dyeing, and finished product modification, which are step by step. Each step is clearly deconstructed, with pictures and texts, easy to learn. Universal.

In terms of docking resources, Bingshen Leather Carvings and Shenzhen Leather Carving Industry Promotion Association reached a cooperation. The Association widely docked with leather carving enterprises. Through resource integration, on the one hand, a larger-scale teaching team was formed, and on the other hand, the learning of leather carving was heard. The disabled have more employment opportunities. "We have the support of the China Disabled Persons' Federation. Every leather carving manufacturer who employs a deaf and dull leather carver will have the sign language communication support and teaching training of the local disabled people's association to ensure smooth working hours." Lian Huiyan said, " The basic salary of a leather carver can reach 5,000 yuan a month, and the commission can basically achieve social independence. "

The "Liang Liang Project" is still being extended. In February 2019, they conducted an initial trial of leather carving for left-behind women. They held 3 sessions of leather carving for left-behind women at Sanming Women's Association. The trainees are full of longing for this new skill and new employment direction.

"Recently we are discussing with President Li Qin whether we can jointly create a creative space for the disabled." Lian Huiyan said, "Let those who are not students with hearing impairments also have a comprehensive space for concentrated study and work to help them. Self-reliance. Here, they can not only learn leather carving technology for free, but also carry out other handicraft learning, obtain jobs, or start their own businesses. "Lian Huiyan hopes that more caring people and social resources can join this charity.

(Fujian Daily, December 31, 2019, Chen Wei Han Weiwei)

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