About Sanming College

2004 5 月经教育部批准成立的省属公办全日制普通本科高校,实行省市共建、以市为主的管理体制。 Sanming College is a provincial public-funded full-time undergraduate college established in May 2004 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It implements a provincial-city co-construction and city-based management system. 6 月通过教育部本科教学工作合格评估,是福建省示范性应用型本科高校、福建省首批深化创新创业教育改革示范校和硕士学位授予培育单位。 In June 2012 , it passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education. It is a model application-oriented undergraduate university in Fujian Province, the first batch of Fujian Province to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration schools and master's degree awarding units. 2000 10 月由三明师范高等专科学校、三明职业大学、三明师范学校合并组建成立。 The school's predecessor was the Sanming Technical College. In October 2000 , the Sanming Normal College, Sanming Vocational University, and Sanming Normal School were merged and established. 1903 年陈宝琛创办的全闽师范学堂。 The school's history can be traced back to the Fujian Normal School founded by Chen Baochen in 1903 .

——福建省三明市。 The school is located in the hometown of Zhu Xi, a great physicist in the Song Dynasty, the Central Soviet Area, the green capital of China, and the civilized city of China-Sanming, Fujian. 132 0 亩,各类建筑面积约 38.5 7 万平方米,其中教学行政用房面积 21.68 万平方米,学生宿舍面积 12.87 万平方米。 The campus covers an area of 1,320 acres, with various construction areas of about 385,000 square meters, of which the area of teaching and administrative buildings is 216,800 square meters, and the area of student dormitories is 128,700 square meters. 472 .4 4 万册(含电子图书 319.31 万册)。 Collection of 472.4 thousand volumes (including 3.193 million electronic books ). 17020.38 万元。 The total value of teaching and research equipment is 17,020,300 yuan. Information systems and network applications basically meet the needs of running schools.

专任教师 718 人,其中具有硕士以上学位的专任教师占 78.97 There are 718 full-time teachers , of which 78.97 are full-time teachers with a master's degree or above. 43. 04 % With 43. 04 senior titles 5 0 . 70 % % , Dual teachers accounted for 50.70 % . 140 17 人。 There are 140 17 full-time students .

11 个二级学院, 41 个本科招生专业,涵盖工学、理学、文学、管理学、艺术学、教育学、经济学等 7 个学科门类,构建了以工为重、以师为精、多学科协调发展的学科专业体系。 There are 11 secondary colleges and 41 undergraduate admissions programs covering 7 disciplines including engineering, science, literature, management, arts, education, economics, etc. Disciplinary professional system with coordinated multidisciplinary development. 4 个,省级重点学科 6 个,国家级特色专业 1 个,省级特色专业 12 个,省级服务产业特色专业 7 个,省级以上卓越人才培养计划 4 个。 There are 4 provincial-level applied disciplines , 6 provincial-level key disciplines , 1 national-level specialty , 12 provincial-level specialty , 7 provincial-level service industry specialty , and 4 provincial-level or higher talent training programs .

“四位一体”的应用型人才培养模式。 Deepen the reform of the application-oriented talent training model, and build a "four-in-one" application-oriented talent training model for professional groups, industrial colleges, project-driven innovation classes, and application-oriented teaching teams . 个和校级专业群 3 个,成立产业学院 9 个,其中,三明学院 - 中兴通讯 ICT 产业学院为福建省首批示范性产业学院。 Established 5 provincial- level professional groups and 3 university-level professional groups , and established 9 industrial colleges . Among them, Sanming College - ZTE ICT Industrial College is the first batch of exemplary industrial colleges in Fujian.

The role of scientific research in promoting teaching has been strengthened. 31 个省级以上科技创新与服务平台 ,其中国家级平台 1 个,省级 2011 协同创新中心 2 个、省级工程技术研究中心 3 个、省级工程研究中心 5 个、省级重点实验室 7 个、省级人文社科基地 5 个、省级公共服务平台 2 个、省级科技示范基地 1 个、省级知识产权创新中心 1 个、省级红色文化基地 1 个和省级院士专家工作站 1 个。 31 scientific and technological innovation and service platforms above the provincial level , including one national platform, two provincial 2011 collaborative innovation centers, three provincial engineering technology research centers, five provincial engineering research centers , and provincial key laboratories 7 , 5 provincial humanities and social science bases , 2 provincial public service platforms , 1 provincial science and technology demonstration base, 1 provincial intellectual property innovation center, 1 provincial red cultural base , and provincial academician expert workstation One . 5 项,国家自然科学基金项目、国家哲学社会科学规划项目 9 项,授权专利数达 269 件。 In the past three years, he has won 5 Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Awards , 9 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 9 National Philosophy and Social Science Planning projects , and 269 authorized patents . “全国高校优秀社科期刊”、“全国地方高校精品期刊”、“福建省高校特色学报”。 "Journal of Sanming College" has been rated as "National Excellent College Journal of Social Sciences", "National Excellent Journal of Local Colleges and Universities", and "Fujian University Journal".

Actively promote foreign exchanges and cooperation. It is a Fujian-Taiwan cooperation project school of the Provincial Department of Education, a Sino-foreign cooperation project school of the Ministry of Education, and a school for receiving foreign students. 17 所台港澳地区高校签订合作交流协议,与美国、俄罗斯、澳大利亚、日本、韩国等国高校与机构建立合作关系。 It has signed cooperation and exchange agreements with 17 universities in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, including China University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Central University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Education, and Macau University of Science and Technology, and has established cooperative relations with universities and institutions in the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries. .

“明德、明理、明志”校训,营造“艰苦奋斗、追求卓越”精神,办学水平、教学质量得到社会认可。 Adhering to the school motto of "Mingde, Mingli and Mingzhi", we have created the spirit of "hard work, pursuit of excellence", and the school's level and teaching quality have been recognized by the society. 以上,毕业生用人单位满意度较高。 For three consecutive years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% , and graduate employers have a high degree of satisfaction. In recent years, it has been awarded the National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction, National Green Advanced Collective, National Green Model Model Unit, National May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee, Fujian Provincial Civilized School, Fujian Provincial Advanced Collective for Safety and Stability, Huaxia Book Campus, National Advanced Unit for Reading, etc. Honor.

“创应用强校、育致用大才”愿景,实施“转型、提质、增值”战略,深化产教融合,坚持内涵发展,与新时代同向而行,正朝着建设有特色高水平应用型大学的宏伟目标而努力奋进! The school adheres to the vision of “creating and applying strong schools and cultivating talents”, implements the strategy of “transformation, quality improvement and value-added”, deepens the integration of production and education, adheres to the connotation development, and moves in the same direction as the new era. The ambitious goals of high-level application universities and work hard!